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My name is GrandMaster DJ Yap. I’m a practitioner specializing in HungGar KungFu, Futsan lion dance and Dit Da treatment.

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Lion Dances will be performed just about everywhere, from businesses and office buildings, shopping centers to restaurants and hotels, chances are, you will be able to catch one at some point or another after the New Year.

Starting on New Year's Day, celebrations continue for another fifteen days and culminate with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the New Moon. So that gives you plenty of time to catch a performance.

After all, anybody that is in business will want to usher away all the accumulated bad luck, clean house and bring in the good fortune, so the Lion Dancers are sure to make an appearance! And even if you're just strolling the markets, keep an eye out for our lions!


The HungGar legacy begins with Lam Sai Wing who is widely considered as one of the best martial artist of his time and most certainly one of the most well known kung fu masters of all times.

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